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Enjoy a collection of startup advice and best practice videos from our archive.

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Pitch Masterclass |

A fresh look at an old topic!

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The Art of the Pitch

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This workshop is not so much about the structure and mechanics of the pitch – that’s the easy bit. 

How do you know if your pitch is any good? What precisely do you need to do right now to improve your pitch? That’s the heart of this workshop.

We’ll help you score your pitch, identify where you score lowest and know exactly what you have to do to make it better.

Fewer than 1% of startups get VC funding. HOW DO YOU GET NOTICED when VCs get more than a hundred emails a week; they review an average of 10 pitches a week with a goal of funding 2 to 3 businesses a year? 

Fewer than 5% of startups generate over $1M in revenues. So how do you get stressed and overworked customers to engage with you, an unproven startup, in this incredibly noisy market where everyone’s competing for customer attention.


Startup Economic Value Model |

Startup Best Practices Workshop Sampler

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What's Your Customer's
Economic Value?

There are two types of business: those that help customers MAKE money; and those that help customers SAVE money. Your ability to validate and articulate your economic value is one of the best predictors of startup success. How well can you tell your economic value story? How strong is your evidence to support your story?

Customer Discovery Webinar |

SFU Venture Labs

Customer Discovery
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Stop Selling and
Start Listening!

Our thanks to SFU VentureLabs for inviting us to speak at their webinar on Customer Discovery. For those who joined us and those who listen to the recording, below, we hope you find it helpful in collecting the evidence you need to validate you’re on the right track, find your lead customers and ultimately secure the much-needed investment.

Corporate Strategy |

Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship Ivey Business School at Western University

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Choose Your Own Adventure,
A Go To Market Case Study

Here’s a presentation we gave to entrepreneur students with the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship at the Ivey Business School, Western University. The video uses a case study methodology to highlights common pitfalls that entrepreneurs take in their GoToMarket strategy and explains why they’re leading causes for startup failure. Don’t make these same mistakes!