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Welcome to the Evidology Group

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Welcome to the Evidology Group. There’s so much to say, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts, insights and best practices with you through this blog, upcoming events and our one-on-one sessions. We encourage you to subscribe to hear our pragmatic insights and contact us.

The Evidology Group was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to help you beat the odds and build a successful startup using an evidence-based methodology (Evidology). And, as our logo suggests, we help you collect the evidence and connect the dots so that a clear pattern emerges.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve started 4 companies and built over a billion dollars in shareholder value. We’ve also advised/mentored/invested in and/or sat on the Board of hundreds of early-stage companies.

We’ve seen many great products die and countless exceptional teams struggle with fatigue, frustration and failure. Entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to change the world, but the statistics tell a grim story in spite of the plethora of books/videos/seminars and helpful advisors/mentors/incubators/accelerators:

  • 95% of startups don’t cross the $1M revenue threshold,
  • 99% are unable to secure VC funding,
  • 90% of VC-backed startups fail or just return capital
  • 70% of startups fail in years 2-5, in spite of all the hard work


While every situation is unique, there are some consistent root causes that the Evidology Group can help you address:

  • Develop a deeper, more rigorous understanding of your customer
  • Build a culture of evidence-based decision-making
  • Help product-savvy founders implement an evidence-based sales methodology


We get it. You’re a cash-strapped startup with too much to do and not enough time. We’ve been there too.

Subscribe to our blog Contact the Evidology Group to learn more and we’ll explain how we help with your cash and time constraints.

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